A large cast artwork caught my eye while attending a 3-day props and special effects workshop at Polytek in Easton. It instantly fired up my love for paper art.

I developed my own method in creating low relief paper sculptures through test projects and specialized workshops:

My final pieces go through an exciting process which starts from sculpting model in clay, building mold using resin and the magical part, paper casting.

Concept Drawing

The subject is drawn on a grided plastic sheet which serves as a base for clay modeling.

Modeling in Clay

Non-drying clay is used for sculpting then reused for the next project. Click on the image for a larger view of the model.

Building the Mold

The following products were used to build the mold:

If you're interested in learning how to create your own mold. These series of instructional videos released by Polytek will hopefully steer you towards the right direction.

Note: Applying a release agent easily detaches the model from the mold.

Paper Casting

Casting in paper using Abaca pulp requires patience and solid knowledge of the process of handmade papermaking.

Here's a video that shows all the steps of papermaking.

Modeling Dress in Fabric Hardener

My mother introduced me to dressmaking so creating the dress of my subject was easy. The tricky part was the process of attaching the dress snugly and using wires, soft dress material and special textile hardener to simulate the flowing motion of a long dress.

Fabric Hardener link: Paverpol

Here's the image of the final product.