About Me

I studied fine arts and architecture at the University of the Philippines. My brief stay in Australia from 1995 to 1998 influenced the style and technique shown in some of my earlier acrylic paintings, a slight shift from my traditional use of pastel and watercolor.

I started exploring new materials and methods since I moved to Montreal in 1999. An elevated infatuation with paper art brought me to a new level of creative maturity. My first cast paper artwork "Flower Harvest" portrays lei making I experienced growing up. Nature has her way of inspiring us. Living near Lac St-Louis and often mesmerized by the beautiful play of light and shadows from a sea of snow, as if seeing colors in white, inspired the making of another piece titled "Winter Watchers".

My passionate affair with Art completes me. From the comfort zone brought about by the subtlety of pastel and watercolor; the romantic touch of oils; the explosive, loud and vibrancy of acrylics and the nauseous high of alcohol ink; heck, I would not trade this creative state of mind for the world!

The ability to create an imprint of ones imagination on canvas is a gift. Flaunt it!

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Technical Work Experience

  • Autocad Professional
  • 3D Modeling
  • Visual Database Designer in Flight Simulation
  • Licensed Architect (Philippines)